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The 48hr Sci Fi Challenge. 2011… 2012… 2013? So, this article is going to take you through my experience as part of Team Superluminal, in the 2012 Sci Fi London 48hr Film Contest.  Our film, ‘Eight Items‘ came third overall in the competition, out of around 360 initial entries. After the tips section, there’s a […]

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Previous parts here: 1) Basic ways a director can help an actor. 2) How actors will analyse your script (and why you need to know this). 3) Actors and script analysis (continued). 4) Auditions (and how writers/directors can help).   First Performance. Okay, the grand premiere – after a few weeks of writing about being […]

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– I wouldn’t claim these are deserving of being carved into stone tablets. They’re just some observations – I’ve started attending acting workshops at ITV West, figuring that a greater understanding of what actors go through will make me a better director. We had a shoot recently, with me playing the role of ‘wife-beater’. It’s […]