Wooden Man Film Charades – Second Batch

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The Wooden Man Film Charades Haiku:

Twisted bare branches
Form shapes that stir memories
– Wooden Man Charades.

Another ten to enjoy/endure (see the first batch here). Hover over a picture for a clue and leave your guesses at the bottom of the page:

From Peter Work-Benchley


Does whatever a... Cedar can!


Wooden Dafoe


Courage is no match for an unfriendly clog, Countess...


Likely to give you... ahem...


Varnish on, Varnish off...


Tree-onardo DiCaprio






A real Beau-tree


13 Responses

  1. Josh Randall says:

    1 Jaws
    2 Spiderman
    3 Platoon
    4 ?
    5 Basic Instinct
    6 Karate Kid
    7 Titanic
    8 Hoop Dreams ?
    9 North by North West?
    10 American Beauty

    What’s 4 goddangit

  2. Dan Gale says:

    Josh, I’m ashamed at you. 1981, music by Bill Conti, helicopter over Becton Gasworks. “You are now flying Remote Control Airways…”
    Alex, I didn’t get North By Northwest otherwise this batch is much easier than the first. I feel inconsolably smug. I love the inventiveness though, the iron shark etc. Action Man also has an amazingly expressive face.

  3. Chris Harper says:

    1. Jaws
    2. Spiderman
    3. Platoon
    4. For your eyes only
    5. Basic Instinct
    6. Karate Kid
    7. Titanic
    8? bAsketball? or White Men Can’t Jump? This one I’m not sure about
    9. Empire Strikes Back
    10. American Beauty

    • Alex says:

      Another 8 out of 10… You’ll have to hover over the ones you’re not sure about to get a clue. That said, the clue for number 9 in particular isn’t proving particularly useful!

      • Chris Harper says:

        I thought 8 might be White men can’t jump because of ‘Wood’y Harrelson. Is 9 Bladerunner then?

        • Alex says:

          Oh that would have been a good pun for number 8! I couldn’t find a strong image for WMCJ though, so went with the poster for a documentary…

          Congrats on 9! I should really have put a nail through the wooden man’s hand.

  4. catherine says:

    1. jaws (excellent use of a prop)
    2. spiderman?
    3. platoon
    4. king kong
    5. basic instint
    6. karate kid
    7. titanic
    8. white men cant jump
    9. star wars
    10. american beauty
    (i tried not too look at everyone elses answers! )

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